As part of a growing collaborative partnership with Playfight VFX that began at Fall Tour Interactive and the Autoshow Launch for Mazda, Oddly Studios worked on a series of websites to ensure a successful global debut of the world’s first live-action original content set in the Titanfall universe.

Expanding on Titanfall

Playfight VFX is well renowned for high-quality production values on original IPs. Their past work involves collaborations with RocketJump on ”Video Game High School”, Lindsey Stirling’s “Random Act of Violin” music video, as well as the highly successful “Call of Duty: Operation Kingfish” short film.

“Free the Frontier” marks the debut directing role for Will Chang, owner of Playfight, a very special occasion for both of our teams. Playfight created incredible visuals, Oddly ensured it reached the fans.

Responsive and Fast

Countdown website Building hype

We designed a countdown website to build hype before the launch of the video. The website’s launch prompted large media attention, and teased gamers globally.

Playfight VFX Redesign Ready for the spotlight

We took the opportunity to revamp Playfight’s own website, preparing them for global attention and moving their content into a smooth responsive design. We placed the emphasis on their outstanding visual effects work showcasing their wide range of skills, immense talent, and fun team!

Screenshot on iPad Launch Everywhere

Oddly designed the sites to enable easy viewing and navigation on a huge range of different devices and screen sizes, including XBox One, mobile phones, computers and tablets.

Badge Sharing UI Reliability

From the start, we designed the Free the Frontier site to be hosted from a Content Delivery Network. This eliminated problems with huge traffic spikes as the video received media coverage from around the globe.

Badge Sharing UI Fan Collaborations

The world debut of “Free The Frontier” is an outstanding example of collaboration between fans employing their skills together to expand the universe of a new franchise – something that can have enormous benefits for a game company over the long-run.